Hoarder cleaning services in Birmingham: Nova Clean

hoarding disorder cleanup birminghamHoarding disorder is a form of behavioural disorder characterised by the accumulation of objects and the neglect of personal and domestic hygiene. This situation is often accompanied by a pronounced form of social isolation, without the slightest need to complain about the situation. Nova Clean provides hoarder cleaning services in Birmingham, hoarding houses clearance and decluttering following a hoarding disorder.

All these conditions lead to an accumulation of rubbish in the homes where people with hoarding disorder live. The disorder usually appears after a psychological shock. It also affects many elderly people who live alone.

Piles of rubbish can be strewn across the floor, with more than a metre of rubbish on the ground. Unhealthy kitchens and other rooms that resemble rubbish dumps are the homes of people suffering from hoarding disorder.

Whatever the disorder, whether it's hoarding disorder or Syllogomania, the health risks must be taken seriously.


hoarding disorder cleaning birminghamOur cleaning partners can remove rubbish, disinfect your flat or house and give your home a complete and thorough clean.

Depending on the condition of the property, this extreme cleaning can be carried out in several stages:

The sorting phase: all official documents are sorted and stored. Clothing and bulky items are separated.
Removal of rubbish and bulky items: